Part 5: Sedona

Our final destination, Sedona, is renowned both for its red rock landscape and the presence of spiritual energy vortexes.

Leif took some time to investigate the energy vortex near the airport. He said it was good.

If Peter hadn’t gone to get him, Leif said he would have kept us there all day.

Pete, I think, is a bit more prosaic about the whole thing.

I hope that you have enjoyed this travelogue as much as we enjoyed our trip.

— Bill Gatesman

2 thoughts on “Part 5: Sedona

  1. Enjoyed all the pictures. Looks like a wonderful trip! Brought back many good memories. My first experience in the Petrified Forest/Painted desert was in a snowstorm in April. Have a picture somewhere of my son & my nephew (about 17 at the time) scraping snow off the car with their combs!

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