Part 4: Grand Canyon

Some people avoid the trouble of trying to find parking during the busy summer season by taking the train from Williams, Arizona.

We were fortunate to find parking right next to our lodge, which sat at the edge of the canyon.

Nice digs, eh? Actually, our lodge, while near the building pictured above, is somewhat further back from the ledge. We could see the canyon from our room. Here is the view from the ledge of the canyon that is about 40 feet from our window.

The canyon glows in the light of sunrise.

The canyon reveals a different face at other times of day.

People from all over the world enjoy the Grand Canyon.

And there is wildlife in the park.

Leif was out taking pictures, too.

We enjoyed a several mile hike along the rim of the canyon.

When they weren’t hiking barefoot, these intrepid walkers sported this footwear.

Sadly, Donna could not join us on this trip, but I took her to the Grand Canyon a long time ago. Here is a picture of Donna, dressed for a hike down Bright Angel Trail into the canyon in the cold spring air.

The sight of the canyon once again after so many years made me feel happy.

Our next stop was Sedona, featured in Part 5 of this Travelogue.

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